Visa and Borders in Zambia

We visited Zambia in January 2015, during a complete trip
8 months, around Southern and Eastern Africa.

Entering Zambia, with a Spanish passport (and most of UE), there´s a Visa on Arrival.
Prices for Visa on arrival in Zambia : 

20 US$ Single entrance visa, 1 day.
50 US$ Single entrance visa, 30 days.
80 US$ Multiple entrance visa, 90 days
and now new:
50 US$ KASA Visa, 30 days, illimited entrances between Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Usually, you pay in US$ (better to bring some). But other currencies can be accepted too.
If you want to visit Zimbabwe and Zambia, try to get a KAZA VISA, very convenient for 30 days visit and you will save money. The problem is that it is still not avalaible at all the border posts (just a few right now, keep on reading...), but ask in case there´s any change.

   NEW KAZA UNIVISA ... dual for Zimbabwe and Zambia  

Since December 2014, new dual visa for Zimbabwe and Zambia (KAZA UNIVISA)

Price for Kaza Univisa: 50 US$ for 30 days, multiple entrances, as long as you remain within Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Possible to buy 3 visas a year, if needed. Citizens who can get a Visa on arrival in both Zambia and Zimbabwe are eligible to get a Kaza visa. 

At the moment (January 2015) only avalaible at

  • Victoria Falls, bridge and airport.
  • Kazangula (Botswana border) 
  • Harare airport
  • Livingstone (Victoria falls), bridge and airport
  • Kazangula (Botswana border
  • Lusaka airport.

This is the bad point, the limited border posts where you can get it! 
Not avalaible yet if you are coming Malawi, Namibia or Tanzania. But just in case things change, ask!
More information at


We crossed 2 borders in Zambia, and didn´t have any problem.
The first one was comming from Zimbabwe in Victoria Falls bridge. Easy, not too crowded. Only a few trucks and vehicles here.
Later to Malawi, the border post is 20 km north from Chipata. Also easy, not many people around.

In both borders, it`s possible to change money (just enquire first online or ask about the rates), we had no problem, but be careful with changing money around Chipata town.


In Chipata, you´ll meet many street changers to buy or sell Zambia and Malawi kwachas, but be careful because they always try to cheat you, and it´s not a pronunciation problem. 17 (seventeen) or 70 (seventy)? So, check the rates before and write down how much they have to give you.
Exchanging at the border was fine, rates were OK and the changers don´t cheat you.


Easy border, hassle free, quick border post controls. Very little traffic.
No public transport between Zimbabwe and Zambia on this border. We walked from Victoria Falls town til Zambia border minibus station (around 4 km).

The Zimbabwe border post is just near Victoria Falls Rainforest entrance (falls), that means around 2 km from Victoria Falls Town. A taxi costs 5 $ or you can walk.

Then road and bridge between the two countries, that means 2 km. A taxi costs 5 $ more (you can always try to negotiate)… or keep on walking.

The Zambia border post is just near the Zambian falls entrance. It´s 10 km to Livingstone. There´s a small minibus station close to the border post and falls entrance (just crossing the rail tracks). 4 Kw to Livingstone, 15 minutes. There´s also a taxi station (much more expensive, around 10 $).