Traveling in Rwanda on a budget.

¿ How much money do you need to travel through Rwanda ?

Rwanda is not only a small beautiful country, it´s also affordable for independent and budget travellers. Good!  If you are planning a budget and independent trip in Rwanda, here we share some information for these low-cost travellers.

True the worst point for a budget traveller in Rwanda will be accommodation. Not too many cheap options sometimes but enough. You will manage. In Kigali specially there´s a big lack of cheap rooms! There, you are lucky if you find a dorm for 15 € (we explain it in detail in Kigali´s post).

We visited Rwanda in March 2015 during 10 days, moving in public transport, doing couchsurfing and sleeping in small local hotels. You can see all the details on the right sidebar menu.

Your budget in Rwanda can be:
  •  Room:  for 2 people in a local lodge (with WC): 15 € in average.
  • Minibus: 1.5 €/h (60km). Mototaxis around 1€ or less.
  • Food: A big dish in a local restaurant (fine, mixed): 1.5 €.
So the travellers´life is cheap in Rwanda!

If you want to visit national parks and do activities, the prices get high very quick. The parks fees are around 20$/pp. And gorillas are out of price: 750 $/pp!!!

In Rwanda, the currency is Rwanda Franc.
In march 2015, the exchange rate was
1€ = 726 Rwanda Franc.

 To have an idea, this was our budget when travelling there. We didn´t do any activity (no parks, etc.).

BUDGET IN  RWANDA (10 days/ 10 nights), for 2 people:

  • Accommodation: 48.000 F ( 66 €)
         6 nights in rooms with WC and 4 nights couchsurfing.
  • Food/drinks: 30.700 F ( 42 €)
  • Transport: 26.800 F ( 37 €)
  • Visa: 55 €
          East Africa visa (Rwanda + Uganda + Kenya) 100 $/pp
  • Mixed: 3.900 F (5 €)
  • Insurance:  5 €

Total Budget: 210 € for 2 people for  10 days/10 nights

Average budget /day in Rwanda: 21 euros for 2 people.

Average budget /month in Rwanda: 630 euros for 2 people.

So yes, Rwanda  is affordable, you can travel around for little money.