Public Transport in Zimbabwe.


Public transport in Zimbabwe is OK, so it´s easy to move around

Many vans, big Mercedes vans between cities, small Toyota vans around towns (AKA "kombs") and also old buses (the blue ones, Zupco, are the most popular, cheap ones. 
In towns, there are taxis, but not too cheap (specially in Victoria Falls).

The food it´s not a problem on the buses
The price for public transport is quite cheap and we didn´t have the feeling they were charging us more as foreigners. But just in case always try to ask local people around about the price.

Around towns, the price is 0.5$, surrounds 1.5$.

The average price is 3-4 $/100 km or 2 hours trip, by vans. 

Vans and buses drive quite fast (in average 80 km/h) but there are so many police controls and stops that it takes time to move, be patient!
Always many people seeling food on the way, don´t worry.

There are also modern buses, many South African companies drive also in Zimbabwe, like Pathfinder, Citylink, Intercape, etc. (check their websites). But they are much more expensive (double price). They connect main cities of Zimbabwe, and also for international conncetions with South Africa, Zambia, Malawi... We didn´t use them.
This for example the Intercape company route (one of the biggest companies from South Africa), there are many more:


Main roads in Zimbabwe are tarred and in quite good conditions. Zimbabwe was a modern and developped country a few years ago... just maintenance sometimes now can be little.

The Harare-Masvingo- Beitbridge road is narrow and full of potholes. Other roads we travelled were OK.

There a toll gates, usually 3-4 $/section (around 100 km). Prices are not written so expect possible extra money…

In the last years, you can see many police controls on the roads, every 20 km or less! Many stops. They control specially public buses not so much private cars… Good luck!

Petrol prices: 1.37 $/l diesel and 1.49 $/l for unleaded. Much cheaper in South Africa and Botswana.

Entering Zimbabwe by car you have to pay tax fees (quite expensive, around 80 $ in average too).We talk about it in visa-immigration.

You don´t really need a 4WD when travelling in Zimbabwe, except if going to Mana Pools (Hwange is fine for a sedan car) or far away maybe in the mountains... or to remote areas.


The Railway service is still working in Zimbabwe. Great!

Information in

At least in january 2015, the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls and Bulawayo-Harare trains were operating.
Train to Beitbridge (border) and to South Africa was not working.

You can find good information, more or less updated, on the train website Seat 61. Try to enquire before.

We took the night train from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls, sleeper class. The train was very old, but the service was OK, and cheap (12 $). Complete information in Bulawayo chapter.
Trains to Harare are newer and with similar prices.


Quite expensive, and limited to Harare and Victoria Falls. Not many people do it. 
Expect to pay around 75 €/day for a small car.
You can check with RENTALCARS.

If renting a car in Botswana, Namibia or South Africa, many companies don´t allow you to drive outside of Victoria Falls area. Check well. And consider the taxes to cross the border into Zimbabwe, they can be quite expensive (in average 80 $).


There´s an international airport in Victoria Falls, also in Harare, the capital city. Not specially cheap airports. The local airline is Air Zimbabwe
You can check with SKYSCANNER.


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