Backpacking Uganda. Route for 1 month.

We went to Uganda in April 2015 
during a complete trip (8 months) around southern and eastern Africa 

We traveled through Uganda in April 2015, during 1 month, in public transport, doing couchsurfing and sleeping in small hotels or local lodges, eat in local restaurants.
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Uganda is beautiful and diverse, in the heart of Africa. That´s why they call it “the Pearl of Africa”. Volcanoes, mountains, hills, lakes, savannahs and wildlife, vast plains, rural, true Africa… And local people are really friendly.  
A great country in Africa! There are enough things to keep you busy, enjoying the landscapes, walking around. 
Specially great destination if travelling independent and low-cost way. 

We visited mainly the south and east of Uganda, where most of the tourist attractions are.

Route in Uganda: from 27th march til 29th april 2015 ( 33 days/ 33 nights).
From Cyanika (Rwanda) to Malaba (Kenya):

-         Kisoro (6 nights, sick with flu)
-         Lake Bunyoni ( 3 nights)
-         Mbarara (2 nights, couchsurfing)
-         Katunguru- Queen Elizabeth NP (3 nights)
-         Kasese (2 nights, couchsurfing)
-         Fort Portal (2 nights)
-         Lake Nkuruba- Crater Lakes (3 nights, couchsurfing)
-         Fort Portal (1 night)
-         Kampala (3 nights, couchsurfing)
-         Jinja (2 nights)
-         Mbale (2 nights)
-         Sipi (3 nights)
-         Tororo (1 night)

We stayed in hotels, except mencionned (couchsurfing).
Total: around 1.200 km (tarred roads).

Will I see other travellers in Uganda?
Yes, but not too many, at least out of season. But Uganda is getting litlle by little quite a popular tourist destination.
More people on tours than travelling independently.
Almost everywhere we crossed foreigners. Kisoro, Lake Bunyoni, Queen Elizabeth, Jinja, Sipi. But very few backpacking!
Also expats who live in Uganda, Rwanda o Kenya like to go around (but not too many).


  1. Hey! i'll be travelling in Uganda next week, wondering if you could share info about buses and hostels where you were staying. would be super helpful!


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