Namibia by car. From Sesriem to Aus

3 months road trip in Southern Africa,
Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
October - December 2014

Average exchange rate: 1 € =  13,75 N$

The route between Sesriem and Aus has around 350km. We did this route in 2 days, it´s gravel roads (good even without a 4x4, in the dry season, 60 km/h in average). We did it in 2 days but you can drive all the way in a long driving day day. The stop in the middle (only one option, Betta) is in a nice place, but it was very windy ( sleeping in a tent can become uncomfortable) and nothing to do around.
We followed road C27, closer to the Namib desert, crossing the Namib Rand Private Reserve (no fees fro crossing) and the road D707. Beautiful, multicolour landscape.

   Cheap accommodation between Sesriem and Aus    

Protected from the wind

Betta Restcamp: 
Price for camping: 80 N$/pp  
Clean, good.
Also, they have rooms and small restaurant.
The place is very windy.
Gas station (one of the most expensive in Namibia).
Not many more options, close to the road, just farms.

   Cheap accommodation in Aus   

Aus is a really small place, only a few houses, the train station, and mines not far away, so mining camps, trucks and machines around. Just a stop on the way.

If camping, only 2 options to sleep in Aus.

Namib Garage
Price for camping: 75 N$/pp 
Location: Aus, in the village. Just in front of the gas station and shop with ATM (same owners). Basic but OK. Where we stayed.

The other option is:

Klein Aus Vista
Price for camping: 100 N$/pp.
Location:  3 km away from the town, on the Lüderitz road.
Also rooms, but expensive, not for low cost travellers.
The campsite is really isolated, a bit far from the lodge, in the middle of nowhere. No electricity. 

They are building a small pool. Free wifi at the reception.
Mountain bikes routes and rentals, also expensive.

In Aus, we saw the Bahnhof Hotel: expensive, colonial style, with a nice restaurant, in front of the train station. Only rooms, not camping.


Lüderitz is a German old town, remote, touristic place (many tours go there). 125 km west from Aus.Only one road there.

We didn´t go to Lüderitz, we had enough with Swakopmund.

The road Lüderitz - Aus - Seeheim road is tarred.

From Lüderitz, the tourist visit the ghost mine, but its only possible with organised tours, not that cheap.