Lesotho by car. Roma - Maseru - South Africa border.

We visited Lesotho during a 3 months road-trip through southern Africa

 (Lesotho, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland). 

Average exchange rate: 1 euro =  13,70 LSL (Maloti, 1:1 with SA Rands)
After Ramabanta, we did around 220 km in one day, crossing back to South Africa, in Caledons Poort, and sleeping in that area.

Finally, our visit to Lesotho was shorter than planned, because of the rally "Roof of Africa" (all the places were fully booked) and the limited accommodation. 
But it was great to cross Lesotho. Go! 


Roma is around 50 km away from Ramabanta and 30 km from Maseru. It´s the university town of Lesotho, campus and lots of religious seminars. You can visit the university, many students around.
After Roma, no more high mountains, it´s the northern part of Lesotho, getting flat, with its beautifull sandstone cliffs.

Nothing very special to stop in Roma, except a nice lodge (north of town), good place to relax, with pool (also wifi): Roma Trading Post (camping and rooms, same owners than Ramabanta).  But the place was fully booked cause the Roof of Africa.

   From Maseru to SA border   

We just passed Maseru, spread out capital city.

And just drove the northern route of Lesotho (part of the Maloti Route that continues into South Africa, Fourisburg-Clarens- Golden Gate). No big mountains and canyons here. Beautiful landscape with yellow standstone cliffs.
The biggest Lesotho towns (never too big) are in this northern area, not very interesting. Nothing to stop you there for too long. And not too many lodges in beautiful and quiet locations but usually near the road in the towns.
There are borders with South Africa through all these towns. Industrial factories (small ones, it´s Lesotho) in Leribe and chaotic atmosphere at the border town of Butha Buthe. 

We preferred to continue to South Africa, Calendon Poort border is just 10 km north of Butha Buthe and there´s accommodation in Fouriesburg (just a few km after the border).