Budget in Botswana

3 months road trip in Southern Africa, 
Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
October - December 2014 

Route in Botswana: from October 11th til 20th 2014 (9 days/9 nights).

Change rate (average): 1 € (euro) = 11,55 P (pulas)

You can manage to travel quite cheap around Botswana if you stay in campings, cook the food that you buy in the supermarkets, rent a normal sedan car in South Africa. And to visit the game parks, take tours that are not too expensive. ¿Where could you fly over the wild in Kenya or Tanzania for only 55 €? For the activities, read the Maun and Kasane information.

  How much money do I need to travel around Botswana?  

Our budget (independent travellers with a rental car) during 9 days in Botswana was:

  •  Accommodation (camping, 9 nights): 1.120 P (97 euros)        11€ /day for 2 people
  • Food&drinks (supermarket): 280 P ( 24 euros)                       2,7€ /day  for 2 people
          (We carried some food from South Africa.)
  • Petrol: 1067 P (92 euros)                                                         10€ /day
  • Rental car (9 days): 106 euros                                                  12€ /day
    Rental car: sedan, Ford Fiesta, hired at Johannesburg´s
    airport (SA), for 3 months, at 11.75 €/day.
  • Entrance fees (Chobe National Park): 140 P (12 €)
  • Mixed (SIM card): 10 P (1 €)
  • Car border tax: 140 P (12 €)
  • Activities (Okavango flight, Chobe safari-boat): 1.440 P (125 €)

Total Budget in Botswana: 469 € for 2 people in 9 days

So, travelling through Botswana, we spent: Average daily budget: 52 €/day/ 2 people

Average monthly budget: 1.563 €/month/2 people.

Yes, Botswana is possible even for the low-cost travelers. Go!
And this flying over the Okavango and doing a boat-safari in Chobe!
If you just relax and enjoy, much cheaper!