Budget for low-cost travellers in South Africa

¿ How much money do you need to travel around South Africa ?

¿ Is South Africa possible for a low-cost traveller ?

After our trip, we can say YES, it´s possible...and we loved South Africa!

If you are thinking of going to South Africa, it can be interesting to know how much money we spent in our trip... to get an idea.
The average exchange rate was:  1 € = 14 Rands.

This was our budget, for 2 people, during 2 months (58 nights), traveling around the South Africa (our roadtrip was in total 3 months, including other southern Africa countries):
  • Accommodation:  423 €
We did Couchsurfing many times: 26 nights (free).
We slept in campings with own tent, average 5 €/pp/night.
  • Car rental: 670 €
Ford fiesta, hired in Johannesburg Airport for 3 months, 12 €/day. Rentalcars
  • Petrol: 386 €      Petrol costs less than 1€/l.
  • Tolls + Public transport: 12 + 45 =  57 €
  • Food, drinks (supermarkets) :  276 €
We didn´t go to restaurant, we cooked all the time, and some couchsurfing hosts invited us for dinner.

  • Entrance fees: 204 €
We bought the Wild Card to visit the SA national parks.
Entrance fees to NP are around 10-20 €/pp/day.
  •  Insurance: 30 €
  •  Others: 60 €
TOTAL:  We spent  2.106 €, in 2 months, 2 people.

Average budget :  36 €/day/ 2 people

So, we could manage travelling around South Africa with limited budget ... and even watching a lot of WILD LIFE (amazing safaris with our car)
 You can do it too !


  1. Hola chicas!! Como siempre que vijamos mirando vuestro blog!! Una cosa, para cocinar es facil encontrar cartuchos de gas? de que tipo? Hay cocinas comunes en los camping? Se puede hacer free camping? Gracias

    1. En los supermercados encuentras cocinillas baratas y cilindros (de butano, tipo tipo, baratos también).
      Los cámpings si son también hostels suelen tener cocina. En general, siempre hay una BBQ, "Brai", lo típico en el Sur de Africa (nosotras hacíamos un fuego cada noche, no compramos cocinilla).
      Free camping: no lo hicimos en SA, usamos cámpings (5€/pp de media) y couchsurfing. A evitar en zonas urbanas, quizás en zonas más rurales y despobladas. Suerte!


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