Accommodation in Lesotho

Average exchange rate: 1 euro =  13,70 LSL (Maloti, 1:1 with SA Rands)  

Are you looking for cheap accommodation in Lesotho?

Not too many accommodation options, specially when crossing the mountains (not so many towns there). And this is the most beautiful part of Lesotho.
So it´s important that you plan your route looking first at the places where you can sleep.

In the northern part of Lesotho where most of the population live and where the big towns are, there are many lodges/hotels/camps, but the interest for the visitor is really limited around there. Around Maseru, Roma, Teyateyaneng, Hlotse...
In the mountains (the best of Lesotho), really limited offer, specially on a budget (not many campsites or backpackers). Malealea, Semonkong, Ramabanta, Sani Pass, and around Afriski.
You can find the information surfing the net. Most of the lodges have websites. 

The quality of accommodation is good. Usually they have hot shower, toilet paper, kitchen, even pool in some places. Most of the times, the owners are from South Africa, white people doing business here.
In remote places, usually no wifi.

Rooms are quite expensive (around 50 € for a double) but some lodges also have dormitories, around 150-200 R/pp (10-15 €).

In remote areas, where you don´t have many options, the access roads to the lodges from the main road are not always in good conditions, specially with rain. Try to ask first, contacting the lodges (email), specially if coming with a sedan car. Your options in this case can even be very very limited to one or two lodges.

Lesotho is quite empty in low-season (outside holidays, ski in winter, roof of Africa).
We had problems getting toSemonkong Lodge. The final part was really bad and we did not take the risk.

It seems that the access to Malealea is not fine too (7 km of gravel road).

   Camping in Lesotho   

Camping is the cheapest accommodation in Lesotho.

Most of the cheap lodges offer also a campsite. 

The price for camping is around 80-100 R/pp in average (6 €).
Keep in mind that winters are cold in Lesotho, so bring warm stuff.

Warning: the Roof of Africa, big tourist event of the year in Lesotho.
It´s a bike rally in Lesotho and it takes place every year at the beginning of December. Many places are fully booked.
We just arrived at Lesotho the day before, without knowing it. It was one of the reasons why we did not stay longer (and also the rainy weather).

   Couchsurfing in Lesotho   

There´s only a very small community in Lesotho. Maybe possible to find a host in Maseru, but the city is not very special place to stop otherwise.