Visas in Southern and Eastern Africa

Do I need visas in Africa?
In some Southern Africa countries if European passport, NO you don´t need.
But in all the rest, YES. In many countries you can get visa on arrival (UE).

Prices for visas are around 30-50 $/month.
Some countries in Africa have expensive visas and hard to get but  usually they are quite closed to tourism (like Angola, DR Congo).
You can find the information in the official websites, they change a lot condictions and prices in the last months (2015).

Is it easy to cross borders?
Yes, easy, many border posts all over Africa. Most of them modern, with computers. More or less busy, more or less trucks. Usually no problem to get public transport on the main routes. There are many people and goods moving around Africa.
Even with a rental car in Southern Africa, we never had any problem, no special papers, no extra money asked, respectful officers, nothing. Easy!

To get a idea about how much money you need to travel across these countries in Africa, see the next chart:

VOA:  Visa on arrival.

* (1) Malawi: New from October 2015
50/70$ 7 days and 75/100$ 3 months if applying inside/outside Malawi.
* (2) Zambia / Zimbabwe: Dual Kaza Uni visa. 50 $ illlimited crossings in 30 days.
 Some border posts only.
* (3) South Africa: only 90 days stamp. Even if going outside during that term and back
NO new stamp!!! Only if going back to your home country!

* (4) Rwanda: only a few passports (countries) have VOA.
Spanish passports have to apply in advance. Possible online visa.
* (5) Uganda: new price for single visa, 100 $. Same then multiple now.
* (6) East Africa Visa: Kenya+Uganda+Rwanda, 100$ for 90 days. Tanzania should join it soon (already signed). Kenya has also now an online visa.

More details about visas and borders, country by country, in our posts (right sidebar menu).


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