Backpacking Kenya. Our route.

We went to Kenya in May 2015 
during a complete trip (8 months) around southern and eastern Africa 

We travelled in Kenya, doing couchsurfing and sleeping in small hotels or local lodges, eating in local restaurants, doing no activities and game parks.
It was the last country we visited in Africa. You can see all the useful information at the right sidebar menu.

Kenya is a famous destination in Africa. At least some of its game parks, like Masai-Mara, Nakuru, Naivasha Lake, not too far from its big capital, Nairobi. But visiting a game park in Kenya is quite expensive as entrance fees are high. And keep in mind that to visit game parks, remote areas often, transport will be sparse and most of the times you have to join an organized tour and had extra money. 

If you are a real low-cost traveller, Kenya is not the cheapest country to see wild life in Africa.  

But Kenya has fortunatly much more to offer.

A diverse landscape, the country is not too big to travel around. You can even see wild life from the main road, like on the Nakuru-Naivasha road. And also in remote areas (just head to Mararal). And there are still fantastic tribes and traditional villages, in northern Kenya (again Mararal). Villages like on Lake Baringo, easy to reach. Also beaches near Mombasa (we didn´t go, no more time).

Kenya is still affordable, everyday´s life is still cheap. Transport, food and accommodation are cheap, if you do the local way, mixing with Kenyan people. Recommended, even if just touring around as backpackers as we did!

Travelling in Kenya is easy, public transport goes to all the main towns and it´s cheap. You will find cheap basic accommodation in towns. Food is cheap. And then it´s the expensive tourist galaxy!

About safety in Kenya: up and down! Some problems, recently! So double check about the last news. And before heading to a place, specially northern remote areas or to the northern coast, ask local people around.

As we visited Kenya  in a complete southern and eastern Africa trip, we arrived from Uganda and left Africa from Nairobi´s airport. 

We didn´t do any safari in Kenya. After having seen a lot of animals and done amazing self-drive safaries in southern Africa for affordable price, we didn´t want to pay 4 or 5 times the price for a similar experience in Kenya.

Route in Kenya from 29th april til 17th may 2015 (19 days/ 18 nights).
From Malaba (Uganda) to Nairobi-airport:

-         Eldoret (1 night)
-         Lake Baringo-Kampi Ya Samaki (3 nights)
-         Nakuru (3 nights)
-         Naivasha (4 nights, small flu)
-         Nyahururu (1 night)
-         Maralal (2 nights)
-         Nyahururu (2 nights)
-         Nairobi (2 nights, couchsurfing)

We stayed in hotels, except mencionned (couchsurfing).
Total: around 1.300 km 
(tarred roads, except heading to Mararal).


  1. ¡Interesante post! Viajar siempre es una experiencia que nos enriquece, pero este destino puede dejar huella por la rica cultura y paisajes que ofrece. Acude a una agencia donde te ayuden a planificar un viaje a este país.


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