Backpacking Kenya. Budget for low cost travellers.

¿ How much money do you need to travel in Kenya ?

We visited Kenya in May 2015, moving with public transport, sleeping in small local hotels, eating in local restaurants and doing couchsurfing. No activities. Cheap country this way!
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Kenya is a famous destination in Africa. At least some of its game parks, like Masai-Mara, Nakuru, Naivasha Lake, not too far from its big capital, Nairobi. But visiting a game park in Kenya is quite expensive as entrance fees are high. Even if you rent a car! And to visit game parks joining a safari tour will cost at least 100-150 $/pp/day. Activities are always expensive in East Africa!


Kenya currency is the Shilling (KSh or Sh)
In May 2015, the exchange rate was 1 € = 103 Sh. Good ATM rate.
For tourist activities (national parks, safaris, etc.) and in some tourist hotels, US$ are also used. But also possible to pay in Shillings.  
   Reference prices when planning a budget trip in Kenya   

In Kenya, there are 2 galaxies: the cheap everyday´s life and the expensive tourist prices.
If you are a foreigner, you will always pay much more than locals or residents in national parks.

Accommodation in Kenya:

- Room in local lodges: 600-1000 Sh (6-10 €), medium size bed.
- Room in tourist camp/place: from 4.000-5.000 Sh (40-50 €).
- Camping in a national park: 20$/pp (and basic!).

Food in Kenya:
- Dish in a local restaurant: 100-350 Sh (1-3.5 €).
- "Nyama choma" (meat restaurant): 500 Sh/1 kg for 2 (5€).
- Snacks: cheap, less than 1 €.
- Take away food in supermarkets: correct price.
- Supermarkets: well supplied, price is OK. But not cheaper than Spain, similar!

Transport in Kenya:
Matatus are around 200 Sh (2 €) for a 1 hour trip (around 50-80 km). The most normal way to move from A to B in Kenya. Correct.

National Parks in Kenya:
Famous and popular parks have expensive fees, 50-80 $/pp/day (plus at least 4 $/car/day). Smaller parks around Naivasha cost 30 $/pp/day. Not the cheapest place to see wild life in Africa!

OUR BUDGET IN  KENYA (19 days/ 18 nights), for 2 people:
Average change: 1 € =  104 Kenya Shilling
  • Accommodation: 11.500 Sh ( 111 €)
          Note:  2 nights couchsurfing in Nairobi.
  • Food/drinks: 8.300 Sh ( 80 €)
  • Transport: 6.500 Sh ( 63 €)
  • Mixed: 500 Sh (5 €)
  • Visa: 55 €
          East Africa visa (Rwanda + Uganda + Kenya) 100 $/pp
  • Insurrance:  10 €
Total: 324 € for 2 people for 19 days/18 nights

Average budget /day in KENYA: 18 € for 2 people.
Average budget /month in KENYA: 539 € for 2 people.