Traveling in Uganda. Visa and borders.

Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda, these 4 countries, have special border agreements. They are part of the East Africa Community. So, you can travel between these countries with a “single” visa of each one, crossing several times.
For example, from Kigali (Rwanda) you go to Kampala (Uganda) and back to Rwanda and it´s OK with a single visa of Rwanda and a single visa of Uganda. Same between Nairobi (Kenya) and Arusha (Tanzania).


For UGANDA, you can get visa on arrival, with Spanish passports, and most UE passports.

  • Single Visa: 50 $ for 90 days NEW UPDATE: now it´s 100 $!!!!
  • Multiple Visa: 100$ for 6 months. 
  • East Africa Visa: 100$ for 90 days, 3 countries. 
We cross the border, using public transport.
There´s a fee if crossing by private car, sorry no list of prices at the border post.


Since January 2014, there´s an East Africa Visa, for Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.
Price: 100 $, 3 months visa for 3 countries.

In Rwanda to get East Africa Visa you can apply online (it´s what we did). Then your first country in East Africa must be Rwanda! Read our post about Rwanda Visa&borders.

In Kenya and Uganda, you can get East Africa Visa directly on arrival (european passports).

NOTE: Tanzania signed the East Africa visa too, in November 2014 but in February 2015 it was still not avalaible… but check latter, maybe it´s coming soon.



Welcome to Cyanika border
Easy border, few people and vehicles, hassle free. Quick immigration controls in both countries (the 2 posts are side by side on Uganda side).
On both sides, there are small villages, connected by public transport with Musanze (Rwanda), 25 km away, and Kisoro (Uganda), 10 km. Tarred roads, new on Uganda side and Ok on Rwanda side.
 At Cyanika-Uganda, a few lodges, but Kisoro is super close and much better option.

Money changer guys around, more on Rwanda side. Negotiate. Write down the amount if any misunderstanding. ATMs in Kisoro and Musanze.

Public transport Cyanika, Rwanda-Uganda: 
Even if some guide books say the opposite, YES, there´s public transport. We crossed that way this Rwanda-Uganda border.

- Rwanda side, Musanze-Cyanika: vans, 400 F, 45 min (0.5 €).
- Uganda side, Cyanika-Kisoro: many boda-bodas for 3.000 Sh (1 €), some drivers offer 2.000 Sh. Also shared taxis, but not too many people to share when we crossed, and we paid 10.000 sh(3 €) for a special hire. Yes, we don´t like moto-taxis so much with luggage (even if this route is perfect and new).

UGANDA - KENYA BORDER, Tororo - Malaba

Super heavy traffic at the Malaba border, it´s the main Kampala - Nairobi roadHundred of trucks, not too much organisation. Hard to find your way, if walking, you will have to ask but people are friendly. New immigration post in Uganda side, quick and friendly officers. Works on Kenya side, new bridge, new post, so very dusty and chaotic now but quite quick to pass this border finally.

There´s Malaba-Uganda and Malaba-Kenya, 2 big towns at the border, with banks (ATMs), lodges, etc. but maybe not the best place to stop for the night... Many trucks around, crowded border.
Like always, many money changers around. OK for small change, check the rates before.

Malaba border is 10 km east of Tororo (smaller and calmer), the main road doesn´t cross Tororo´s center. 

Public transport to cross Malaba, Kenya-Uganda border:
- Uganda side, from Tororo to Malaba: shared taxi 2.000 Ush (less than 1 €) and boda-bodas.
- Kenya side, from Malaba to Eldoret: vans, 350 Ksh (3.5 €), 130 km.
Also international buses Kampala-Nairobi (and towns between them).

Note: 40 km south,  there´s another Uganda-Kenya border at Busia (road Jinja-Iganga-Busia, now tarred and good). It seems that it´s less crowded.


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