Our route in Zimbabwe.

Route in Zimbabwe: from January 4th til  14th 2015
(10 days/ 10 nights)

We visited Zimbabwe on a complete trip around Southern and Eastern Africa, so we just chose a few places to stop on route between South Africa and Zambia.

From Beitbridge (South Africa border) to Victoria Falls-Livingstone (Zambia), we visited:
  • Great Zimbabwe (3 nights, dorm)
  • Bulawayo (3 nights, couchsurfing)
  • Train Bulawayo-Victoria Falls (1 night, sleeping train)
  • Victoria Falls (3 nights, camping)

Total: around 1.100 km (tarred roads and train).

We just visited a few places on route, but Zimbabwe has much more too offer. But not always easy for a low-cost traveller, as cheap accommodation can be limited and not many things to do outside the national parks or reserves, without a car or tour.

We didn´t visit any game park in Zimbabwe, as we had no car and didn´t want to join a tour.

Hwange National Park between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls is big, often visited, even with a sedan car is fine (we met a spanish couple, they did it by VW van). Lodges around and tours from Victoria Falls.

Mana Pools National Park is remote and must be really fascinating and wild. Here you need a 4x4 car, tours can be really expensive (Kariba is the closest place to access there). 

Around Mutare, in the mountains, not far from Mozambique border, there are a few tourist sopts, but not always low-cost destinations (private reserves) and lodges. Try maybe Chimanimani if your budget is limited, more local atmosphere and maybe free walks around too.

We avoided Harare, not very interested in Africa capital cities (not too much too do as a tourist there usually).

Kariba, on the big lake Kariba (shared with Zambia), near the huge dam and Zambia border, is also a tourist area. Many lodges around and activities (hippo tour, fishing) on the lake and some wild life around. The budget accommodation in Kariba is limited.

Kariba Lake ferry travels between Kariba and Mlibizi (250 km east of Victoria Falls), but it is really expensive. Check www.karibaferries.com. It costs 160 US$/pp, full board, for a 22 hours cruise.

Will I see many travellers in Zimbabwe?
You will in Victoria Falls, sure, one of the biggest spots in Africa.
And just a few in other places, like Great Zimbabwe.
During Christmas holidays, expect South African people travelling with their big cars too. Otherwise not too many overlanders.