Traveling through Zambia on a budget.

¿How much money do you need to travel around Zambia ?

Zambia currency is the “new” Kwacha, adopted in 2013 (now, "000" less).

In January 2015, the average excange rate was:
1 euro = 7.69 Kwachas

Only supermarkets use cents coins.

You will find banks and ATMs in the main towns.

Payment by card is not always avalaible, but in some supermarkets and lodges it´s possible, so bring always enought cash.

To have an idea...
If you are an independent and low-cost traveller, you can manage in Zambia. 
  • Public transport is good but we found it quite expensive (around 3€/h). So if your budget is tight, you will have to limite the distances.
  • For accommodation, there are a few cheap lodges and backpackers. Camping is always the cheapest option, around 5-6 €/pp. A dormitory is double price. Rooms cost much more.Couchsurfing in big cities is possible.
  • Not too much food in the street and not too many small restaurants in Zambia. But many markets and supermarkets, well supplied and with correct prices (but more expensive than in South Africa). So we cooked (lodges have usually kitchens).
  • Game parks and activities: we didn´t go, but the entrance fee is around 20 $/pp. And joining a tour for a day should be around 50$/pp.

We crossed Zambia in January 2015, and this was our budget :

Budget in Zambia (12 days/ 12 nights), for 2 people:
Average exchange rate: 1 euro =  7.69 Zambia Kwachas
  • Accommodation: 580 K ( 75 €)
         4 nights camping
         3 nights room
         4 nights couchsurfing
         1 night train
  • Food/drinks (supermarket): 275 K (36 €)
          Our CS host in Lusaka prepared food (4 days), so we only spent money buying some
           supplies during our stay there. Thank you!
  • Transport: 670 K ( 87 €)
  • Entrante fees: 0 K 
  • Visa: 100 US$ (85 €)
  • Insurrance:  6 €

Total: 291 € for 2 people for  12 days/12 nights

Average budget /day in Zambia: 24.3 € for 2 people.
Average budget /month in Zambia: 728 € for 2 people.