Visa to Mozambique in Swaziland.

If you plan to go to Mozambique, you can get the Mozambique visa in Swaziland, but you have to know:

  • No more cheap visas for Mozambique in Swaziland! It´s over!

We read that before you could get cheap Mozambique visa in the consulate in Swaziland, but it´s not true anymore. Before, the cost was only 200 R but it changed in june 2014

  • There´s a Mozambique consulate in Mbabane (south of town, near Mountain Inn Hotel). 
  • The price is now 700 R (50 €) for a 30 days tourist visa and 1500 R for a 90 days multiple.
  • You need a copy of the passport and an hotel booking. 
  • They do it in the same day, we guess. 
  • During Christmas Holidays, they close the consulate for 2 weeks (same in Pretoria! Even longer). 
  •  You can always get the visa on arrival at the Mozambique border, no reservations needed and it´s around 850 R (60 €).