South Africa by car. Our route.

We travelled around South Africa (stay there in total 2 months), in a 3 months roadtrip around Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia, Bostwana, Lesotho, Swaziland).
October-december 2014

On the map, you can see our route:

We did 8.100 km in 2 months in South Africa

We did the visit in different times, mixing with neighbor countries visits. You can see it with the different text colours on the map.

We drove a small car, Ford Fiesta, rented with Rentalcars (only 12 €/d) and camp.

First, from Johannesburg (blue color), we crossed to Botswana visiting the area close to that border, continued trought Namibia, and come back to South Africa (northwest)

The second route (red color) was from the Namibia border (northwest), going to the top south (Cape Town) and then up to Lesotho, following the route 62 and the garden route.

Third, after Lesotho, we travelled in Kwa Zulu Natal on the way to Swaziland.

Finally (green color) we visited the area close to Mozambique and Zimbabwe borders (Kurger mainly) and did the drop off of the rental car in Polokwane. We continued travelling with public transport in Zimbabwe and then on the way to Eastern Africa.

Quite a complete tour around South Africa.

More details in each chapter of the route.

We loved Cape Town and its beautiful surrounds, the Drakensberg-Lesotho area, the Transkei (Wild Coast) and for game parks Kruger, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi and Pilanesberg. We were quite disapointed by the tourist Garden Route.

Will I see other travellers in South Africa?
Yes, you will, it´s a big world tourist destination.
You will cross organised tours, backpackers, flashpackers, people with rental cars, a few with camper-vans, white South Africans with their big 4x4 cars and trailers, motobikes... A lot of national tourism and also many foreigners, specially from Germany, USA and UK.
Almost everywhere you will cross another traveller. Top destinations: Cape Town, Garden Route, Addo, Kruger... And the coast can get very crowded during holidays...