Namibia. Visa and borders.

3 months road trip in Southern Africa,
 Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland
 October - December 2014

 Average exchange rate: 1 € =  13,75 N$

No visa needed for Spanish passport (and most of UE), just a stamp, with a maximum of 90 days.
Usually they ask and give you the days you plan to stay in Namibia. So, it´s better say 90 days just in case.
Entrance in Namibia: maximum 90 days. 

Namibia has borders with South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia. Most of the border posts are modern. Getting to Angola is not easy as you need a difficult, short and expensive visa in advance. No problem for the other countries (visa on arrival in Zambia).

Check the opening time online for last updates, not all the borders are open 24 hours.

More informationa:

We crossed from Botswana to Namibia at Ngoma border (50 km west of Kasane-Chobe in Botswana and 70 km east of Katima Mulilo in Namibia).A small border crossing, not crowded, and hassle free.

We crossed from Namibia to South Africa at Noordoewer-Vioolsdrif border, on the main Windhoek (800 km)- Cape Town (700 km) road (the closest town in South Africa is 70 km away Steinkopf and 50 km further south the bigger Springbok; Keetmanshoop is 300 km north, the first town closer to the border). 
It´s the main border between these countries. Modern, organised, trucks around but the crossing was very quick.

Travelling by car, you have to pay a "cross border charge" of  220 N$
They put in the computer system the car´s registration number and other information about the vehicle.
No more papers needed, even if a rental car.

If you don´t pay this tax, you will probably get a fine when exiting Namibia. They check on the computer system when you cross the exit border.


Warning: crossing at Ngoma´s border, the tax office is in Katima Mulilo, at the Total station on the crossroads between Zambia road and Divundu Road. 

Only cash but there´s an ATM. There´s also a shop where you can buy a SIM card.

Just ask when crossing any border, where to pay the tax.