Lesotho by car. Route.

We visited Lesotho during a 3 months road-trip through southern Africa (Lesotho, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland).

Don´t miss this country if you are travelling around South Africa. We loved it! The landscape, with its mountains, the traditions of the people. Great!

We stayed in Lesotho shorter than planned because during our visit beginning of december there was a motorbike rally, the Roof of Africa. They do it every year.

We just arrived to Lesotho the day before the competition, without knowing about it. This competition lasts only 4 days and all the campings/lodges were fully booked. 
So, finally we stayed only 3 days/2 nights (from December 1st til 3rd 2014). What a shame!

Our route was:

From Qacha´s  Nek to Calendons Poort (South Africa):
 Around 400 km (tarred roads).
Yes, you can drive across Lesotho on tarred roads in 2014!

We drove a small car, Ford Fiesta, rented in South Africa, and did camping  (2 nights) at Ramabanta. 

Will I see many travellers in Lesotho? 
Out of school holidays, or big events like the Roof of Africa, not really. But it´s popular with South African people for holidays... but never too crowded we guess... maybe just around ski stations...
We just crossed another couple with a rental car.