Lesotho by car. From Qacha´s Nek to Ramabanta.

We visited Lesotho during a 3 months road-trip through southern Africa
 (Lesotho, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland).

Average exchange rate: 1 euro =  13,70 LSL (Maloti, 1:1 with SA Rands)

Travelling by car, from South Africa, we crossed the border in Qacha´s Nek, and went to Ramabanta. It´s around 160 km.
We did this route in 1 day.
All the roads are tarred.

Good news: there´s a new road, just opened a few weeks ago, crossing the central Lesotho, from 60 km northwest of Qacha´s Nek going to Semonkong and continuing til Roma and Maseru. BEAUTIFUL! Real Lesotho, mountains, gorges, rivers, villages. GREAT!

If you don´t want to cross the central Lesotho (you should!) the road from Qacha´s Nek continues to Moyeni and Mafeteng and then Roma- Maseru. Also tarred road.

   Qacha´s Nek border  

The border
It´s 30 km away from Matatiele (South Africa), the last 20 km being gravel road but fine if no rain with a sedan car.
Open from 6:00 to 22:00.

We got a 30 days stamp on the passport (Spain) when entering in Lesotho. Easy, hassle free. No special papers are needed for the car, even if rental one. 
You just need to pay a toll tax, of 30 R or 30 Maloti (2 €).

There are a 2 or 3 lodges in Qacha´s Nek, just a stop in the route, if needed. There are supermarkets, gas station, banks, etc.


Semonkong is a busy rural market town, located at 110 km north of Qacha´s Nek.
Small supermarkets, shops, banks, gas station. 
The Semonkong Falls are just west of town, you see them from the main road (200 m fall). Impressive!
There´s a walking trail from the lodge, but we did not go.

Semonkong Falls

  • Cheap Accommodation in Semonkong

Only one option for accomadation: Semonkong Lodge.
Price for camping: around 80 R
Also rooms. 

We wanted to stay there, but the last part of the access was really bad and we did not take the risk with the small rental sedan car. The lodge is down near the river and on the slopes of a hill.


50 km north of Semonkong is a small village, in the middle of the mountains, valleys and rivers. 
100% Lesotho atmosphere. The best is that there´s a good lodge and the access is fine for a sedan car.

We stayed in Ramabanta Trading Post.
Price for camping 85 R/pp. 
Also rooms. There´s a kitchen, braai. Very good, clean. Really recommended.
Walks to a small waterfall, villages, great views. Very quiet and rural place. Real Lesotho. We love it!