Food and drinks in Botswana.

Thinking in going to Botswana like an independent traveller?  This information can be useful.


In the towns of Botswana (in fact, just a few ones in this big country), you will not find too many restaurants outside of the hotels and camps (tourist places). There are a few fast food franchises, usually south african, in the shopping malls and near the supermarkets and just some small stalls with snacks and drinks for a quick eat.

Supermarkets in Botswana:

You find everything needed in the supermarkets, high standart and clean. Most of the stuff (except meat and bread) comes from South Africa but prices are quite similar, good prices.

The supermarkets have a “take away” section, and it´s the cheapest option if you don´t want to cook (less than 2 € for a dish, like rice, pap, fries, meat, vegetables, etc. Prices are usually per kg. Also snacks). 
Fresh meat is really cheap, around 3 €/kg. 
Bakery is fresh. Also pizzas...

Choppies and Spar are the most popular supermarkets and you find them in the medium size towns. Keep in mind that Botswana doesn´t have many towns, so if travelling to remote places or national parks, it´s important to carry in your car enough food and drinks for the trip.

Possible to pay with card in the supermarkets.
Usually open til 19:00 or 20:00 even on Sundays.

If there´s no kitchen in your camp, you can always use the BBQ like the locals do. Coal and wood are sold everywhere (around 2 or 3 €) or you can pick branches in the town´s campsites!

Drinking Water in Botswana:

Tap water is usually safe to drink. Just ask. We drank it and never had any problem.

Alcohol in Botswana:

Sold in the bottle shops, usually at the sides of the supermarkets. More expensive in the hotels.
Beer is quite expensive:a small one (33cl) costs 9-10 P (almost 1 €).


  1. Hi guys,

    We are a group of 4 friends, 2 boys and 2 girls who will travel for four days by Botswana.

    We'll leave South Africa on Thursday and we'll arrive at Kubu Island on friday morning.
    We have to be on Mozambique on monday morning.

    As we'll be staying just a few days on botswana, we need to choose wisely our destination and all our visits.

    Can you guys give us some advices?

    Thank you!

  2. Short time for Botswana, 4 days.
    Kasane and Chobe are a good destination.
    Great camps (like camsite at 4 stars hotel Chobe SAfari Lodge), on the river, next to the park, animals around.
    Safari boat. Amazing! Animals, sunset, a dream. And cheap.
    Driva game.
    Relaxing place.
    All details on the blog.


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