Botswana. Visa and borders.

3 months road trip in Southern Africa,
Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
October – December 2014.


No visa needed for Spanish passport (and most of UE). When you cross the border from South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe or Zambia, the inmigration officer put in your passport a 90 days stamp.

Most of the border posts are modern. Check the opening time online for last updates, most of them are not open 24 hours (but who crosses at night?).

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Crossing the Botswana borders by car 

If you cross the border by car, you have to pay a "permit" in Botswana, including:
  • Road permit
  • Road fund
  • MV insurance. 
The total price is 140 pulas (12 €). You can pay in cash or with card. . 

No special papers needed, if you travel with a South Africa car, even a rental one.
There didn´t ask for the border crossing letter.

   GROBLERSBRUG – MARTIN´S DRIFT BORDER, South Africa - Botswana  

Easy to cross, quick, hassle free. Not very crowded, just a few trucks around.
This check point is a secondary border, open from 6:00 to 22:00.  The main border between South Africa and Botswana, on the Johannesburg - Gaborone road, is open 24 hours, and is the most crowded.

   NGOMA BORDER, Botswana – Namibia   

The Ngoma border is 50 km west of Kasane (Chobe National Park) and 60 km east of Katima Mulilo.
Open from 6:00 to 18:00.

Quick, easy, hassle free. Just a few people around. You cross a bridge over the Chobe River.

When entering Namibia, there´s a maximum of 90 days, no visa for Spanish passport and most of the UE citizens.
Complete information:

If travelling by car, border tax of 220 N$ when entering Namibia.

Atention: When crossing the Ngoma border, the tax has to be paid in Katima Mulilo, at the office close to the Total gas station (Zambia and Divundu crossroads) and not directly at the border. Only cash, but there´s an ATM. They also have SIM cards in the shop.